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Since 2006, Jallu Ébénistes has realized its global clientele’s ideals for elegant and original bespoke pieces. Renowned interior decorators and architects know that the company has long proven its savoir faire confident mastery of the technical solutions and aesthetic options required to satisfy each project’s unique demands.

Such savoir faire was built by the company’s founders, who have devoted their careers to exceeding expectations. Yann Jallu, member of France’s prestigious Compagnons du Devoir, has collected thirty years of accolades for his fine furniture. Sandra Scolnik-Jallu’s decades of expertise guarantee a creative, masterful response to each new challenge.

Working hand-in-hand with clients, Jallu Ébénistes’ success begins with expert coordination of technical and aesthetic matters in their Brittany, France, bureau d’etude. Responsive and independent, the team offers a range of services, including technical drawings, sampling, manufacturing, monitoring, packaging, delivery, and installation. Their expandable and adaptable range of services guarantees clients complete and stress-free service, from concept to completion.

Savoir-faire furniture maker 3D
Savoir-faire furniture maker
Savoir-faire furniture maker